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A car is an expensive investment and you will always want it to look as if you just got from the showroom! The look of a car is almost always harmed by the UV rays and harsh sunlight. But, leave your concern to us – our skilled and experienced car window tinting team will take care of your car.
Is heat flowing in through the windows? Can’t your children see the screens? Are you bored of people gazing at the back seat and the trunk? Would you protect your loved ones from UV radiation? Would you like to prevent shards of glass flying around in case of an accident?

Why We Tint?

We Tint promise you an incredible transformation of your vehicle and give it a luxurious & classy look you have always dreamed of. We are the window tinting company in Dublin. We offer a wide range of car window tinting colours and densities too. We believe in informative techniques – we will make sure you know the different types of window films and which one is suitable for which model and make, especially yours. Get your car tinted and make travelling by car more comfortable for your loved ones and for yourself.

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Maximize Daylighting

Traditional window tinting works great when the sun’s out, but on darker, rainy days can make your interior seem gloomy.


By blocking the suns heat coming through windows, window films lower cooling costs, conserving energy while saving you money.


Window films protect your family from the suns damaging rays by blocking 99% of UVA and UVB while making your glass shatter resistant.


By reducing the sun’s glare, window film improves comfort by preventing eye strain and excessive light pollution.

Fade Protection

We Tint Transitional Window Film selectively filters solar energy, blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s most damaging UV radiation while letting through safe sunlight. This helps prolong the life beyond normal life spans while keeping colours vibrant. Under intense sunlight, We Tint responds by blocking out more visible light, giving you unparalleled fade protection compared to conventional, static window tints.

Lower Energy Costs

We Tint Transitional Window Films can block up to 50% of the sun’s heat, keeping cars, buildings and homes cooler and more comfortable. In addition, most film installations pay for themselves in energy savings within 3-5 years-even when installed on Low-e glass, much shorter and cost effective than installing new windows altogether!

Car Window Tinting Film
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Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer and vision problems. Window films are recommended by Skin Cancer Association & dermatologists as effective UV protection.

Night-time Viewing

We Tint Transitional Window Films are engineered to provide subtle privacy by reflecting visible light outward when exposed to direct sunlight. Our films are darker on the outside in the daytime and remain clear at night. We Tint is unique in that it provides for maximum daytime privacy but appear invisible on the glass at night maintaining your views to the outside world.

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